Financial Service

Financial reports can be used to provide information about the company’s financial condition, performance and cash flow.

We are ready to assist in the preparation of company financial statements in accordance with generally accepted accounting standards, known in Indonesia as PSAK (Statement of Financial Accounting Standards). Currently most of the Indonesian PSAK regulations have been adjusted and changed to IFRS (International Financial Reporting Standards).

Problems that often faced by companies:

From a financial aspect

  • Business is growing as well as increasing debt in banks.

  • Business turnover is growing but cash flow is out of control.

  • Financial reports are not issued every month.

  • The business is growing rapidly but the benefits are not maximized.

In terms of company development

  • Financial reports are still done manually so it takes up a lot of your time.

  • Plans to grow the business but human resources are unable to handle the company’s workload


What causes all these problems ?

  • There is no SOP linking every process with the financial system.

  • There are no financial reports published every month.

  • There is no system to facilitate financial reporting.

  • Inability of staff to operate the financial system.

  • The published financial statements cannot be justified.

Our Solution


Creating SOPs related to the financial system.


Make good monthly financial reports or annually, in the form of:

a. Balance sheet.

b. Income statement.

c. General ledger.


Equity Report


Cash flow statement


Analysis of financial statements.


Create and analyze budgets.

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