HRD Management

HRD management services are a process used to recruit, identify,
encourage measure, evaluate, improve, and reward employee performance.

We are here to build human resources and create a solid team, such as:


Hire new employees

We will do the recruitment process for new employees so the company can continues to carry out its functions and moves towards achieving its main goals. We will look for Candidates, conduct interviews, recruit new employees. All tasks will be carried out after coordinating with company directors regarding the required candidates.


Ensuring a safe and enjoyable work

A safe and pleasant work environment can prevent conflict. To overcome the possibility of a work risk, we will conduct natural disaster training, fire training, and train team cohesiveness in work.


Administrative  Tasks

Administrative tasks such as managing payroll, managing leave / permit applications, making company SOPs, managing BPJS, making salary calculations, making PPH 21 calculations, calculating employee overtime, making employee work contracts, and making warning letters.


Have a good relationship with employees

A good approach with all employees so that the office is more conducive, so that two-way communication is established so that they can find the best solution if there are problems.

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